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Workshop facilities

We have the facilities to upgrade all PC's in our workshop from adding a few Mb of ram to an old Pentium to adding additional Pentium 4,Dual Core, Core2 Duo/Quad or Xeon processors to multiprocessor Network Servers.

Economies of an Upgrade

Upgrading existing system units are most economic when enhanced performance is limited to only one or two areas. For example the overall speed of the system is adequate but hard drive space is limited would suggest a new larger hard drive as the most economic solution. Extra RAM can improve the speed of your machine and in some cases a new motherboard and CPU can be economical. However, as more and more areas require upgrading, then the value of the components left in your original system can decrease to an extent where a new system unit would be a better purchase.


Depending on the exact make up of your system, there are occasions when some upgrades will prove to be non-economic due to compatibility issues. For example you may require a new video card for better graphics, and the card which best fits your requirements is only available in PCI Express format. However your motherboard may not have a PCI Express slot and so the upgrade will not physically fit your system without upgrading the motherboard too.
Also some components become out of date and unavailable making a complete new machine the only option.

Upgrading Your Computer
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