Burway Computers and Partners AWS have teamed up to provide a total Website Solution at affordable prices.

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Web Design Services
Professional and cost effective web design, development and promotion services. We aim at the small to medium business, providing an affordable professional service that you wouldn't normally have been able to afford. All our web designs are Google friendly. Simple effective and fast. You the client can have as much or as little input during the design work as you wish. We are probably the cheapest professional web design company around, so why not speak to us about your requirements and see if we can help. We are also one of the only companies that will use your original work, so if you had a go at creating your own site and need further help? Let us know and save even more money on a web designer.


Web Hosting
We offer a full range of web hosting packages at affordable prices. Each package is tailor made to suit your needs and web hosting budget. All our hosting is advert free and you have total control and ownership. Save up to 50% on other web hosting packages and call us today.



Search Engine Optimization
It's all a myth that you need to pay to get search engine ranking. You need to have a well written search engine friendly web site. We can advise you on writing and re-writing your site to get the best out of it. We also have other tricks up our sleeves enabling us to get a new or existing site ranked within one week. The cost for this is very small and remember there is no point having a web site if nobody can find it.



Contact Us

Web Design: email Richard rich@go-aws.com

Web Hosting: email Kevan kevan@go-aws.com

Telephone: +44(0) 1694 240024